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About EPAWA Weather Consulting, LLC

Eastern PA Weather Authority LLC began officially as a business registered in the state of Pennsylvania on June 1, 2012. On October 26th, 2018, we legally changed the name to reflect more of what we do as a business to EPAWA Weather Consulting, LLC. We provide top-notch, custom forecasts for companies all over our coverage region, from major and minor league baseball teams, to energy companies, to landscapers/snow plow clients, large outdoor venues, and everyday people who just need accurate pinpoint weather information. Contact info@epawaweather.com for service info...we look forward to hearing from you!

Also, don’t forget to check out our premier, economical service, My Pocket Meteorologist (MPM) contained within the app.  Ever since its start, everyone from large companies to individual person have been benefitting from the convenience of manual, meteorologist produced forecasts sent directly to their phone. Contractors, landscapers, facility managers, and commuters, this service is for YOU! This service is a joint partnership between EPAWA Weather Consulting and Weather NJ, and has been ongoing for 6 years.